Dögerlioglu Law Firm

Thank you for your interest shown in our firm
If you wish to visit the office please contact us to make an appointment. Our  office is in Bornova,İzmir. You can view the location on an interactive map here.

  • Adress   :Kazımdirik Mah. 296/1 Sk. No11 K:7 D:140 Borncity Residence Bayraklı-Bornova
  • Tel        :+90 232 4830917-+90 232 4895118
  • Fax       :+90 232 4895219
  • E-mail    : dogerli@dogerlihukuk.com


Döğerlioğlu Law Firm welcome applications at all levels of seniority throughout the year.
We also have career opportunities for trainees.

For all applicants who share our values;
Our motivation to be the best;
Our dedication to delivering the highest quality service with:

  • High academic record
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English (evidence of an excellent knowledge of English (TOEFL, IELTS) or French (DELF) is necessary)
  • Knowledge of a second foreign language and LLM degree are valued.Please send your cv to  ik@dogerlihukuk.com