Energy Law

Since the beginning of 2000s, Döğerlioğlu has decided to take an active role in Energy Markets and started to combine its long standing background and utmost experience in legal principles with the evolving trends of the energy sector. In parallel with the multi-dimensional nature of energy projects, our law firm with a multi-disciplinary team of specialists, not only provides comprehensive legal services to its clients but also produce appropriate business strategies, international business solutions and alternative implementation methods including but not limited to legislative arrangements, project development phases, technical subjects, environmental issues even financial models.

The legal services provided by Döğerlioğlu are contemporary, progressive and feasible consulting services for investors that is far beyond the ordinary theoretical solutions. In addition to these distinguishing characteristics, Döğerlioğlu has strong academical & legal background and strong ties with the leading actors (public & private) of the energy sector such as organizations and associations which enable us to offer the best suitable solutions for our clients.

Solar Energy

Döğerlioğlu provides fully legal consultancy services in all phases of the licensed and unlicensed projects. As a leading law firm in renewable energy sector, Döğerlioğlu assists clients to create market entry plans, to identify solar business model options and to assess the best alternative that serves the client’s goals properly.

Wind Energy

By courtesy of the depth academical, theoretical and practical experience of the Döğerlioğlu Law Firm in renewable energy sector, our specialized team have taken part in many Wind Power Projects as legal advisor starting from the pre-project era to the post-project. Comprehensive sector analysis, legal risk assessments and regular legislation reporting are some of the services provided by Döğerlioğlu.

Geothermal Energy

Döğerlioğlu provides fully consultancy services on legal and regulatory aspects of geothermal energy as well as administrative works and procedures including whole phases of the projects. Geothermal energy consulting services offered by Döğerlioğlu are designed to benefit clients and investors by minimizing risks and optimizing performance within the legally-complex energy sector.


As a specialized energy law firm, Döğerlioğlu is also familiar with Environmental, Technical and Financial aspects of the energy projects such as renewable energy support schemes provided by government and regional/local entities that make strong financial contribution to the Biogas Projects. Within this scope, Döğerlioğlu provides consultancy services on legal requirements for biogas plants in Turkey, on the other hand, assists clients in determining available incentives for their projects.


Oil and Gas Law

Oil and natural gas law is a dynamic and expansive area of law, especially in Turkey.  Although new and alternative energy sources are emerging, oil and natural gas continue to be significant economic drivers affecting every sector of society.

Döğerlioğlu Law Firm have years of recognized success assisting individuals with matters governed by oil and natural gas law. Our attorneys have the requisite legal knowledge and experience to guide our clients through the complex issues surrounding the upstream (including subsurface) and downstream aspects of a project separately.

From issues such as clarification of your rights ownership and how the law of capture affects you, to reviewing and creating leases, Döğerlioğlu Law Firm is dedicated to assisting you in protecting your rights.

Döğerlioğlu Law Firm can provide you with the legal acumen necessary in dealings and transactions between oil and natural gas companies and property owners. In order to protect your rights, it is essential that you consult with an experienced firm before signing a lease.


Downstream Activities

Downstream operations include refineries and marketing. These services turn crude oil into usable products such as gasoline, fuel oils, and petroleum-based products. Applicable Law in this area is mainly Petroleum Market Law and Natural Gas Market Law

Upstream Activities

According to the Turkish Law, raw material extraction or production are elements of the supply chain considered to be upstream. The upstream companies identify oil and natural gas deposits and engage in the extraction of these resources from underground. Upstream oil and gas operations identify deposits, drill wells, and recover raw materials from underground. This sector also includes related services, such as rig operations, feasibility studies, machinery rental and extraction chemical supply. Applicable Law in this area is mainly Petroleum Law.

Our Legal Services
  • Legal Project Consultancy
  • Legal Due Diligence
  • Legal Risk Management
  • Legal Consultancy on Financing of Energy Projects
  • Settlement of Investment Disputes
  • Expropriation and Privatization Process of Energy Projects
  • Legislation Reporting and Regulation Consultancy
  • Sector-based Education Program and Analysis
  • Merger and Acquisitions
  • Establishment of SPV
  • Energy Trade and Purchase & Sale Contracts
  • Transactions and Procedures of EMRA (License and Amendment Processes)
  • Energy-related Consumer Cases
  • Energy Contracts
  • EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction)
  • PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)
  • O&M (Operation& Maintenance) Agreement
  • Electricity Trade Contracts
  • Red Flag Reports
  • Turbine Contracts
  • Turn-key Agreement
  • Project Development Agreement
  • Share Transfer Agreement
  • Oil Contracts